3 New NoSQL Tutorials to Check Out This Weekend

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This week saw the publication of three new introductory tutorials on three different NoSQL databases: one on CouchDB, one on … Read More >>


Top 3 Code Editors For the iPad

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We keep hearing about how people can do everything they would need to do on a desktop on an iPad now. Heck, Damon Albarn even … Read More >>

Sphero toy ball rolls itself, you control it with your smartphone

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Don’t have the airspace required for an AR.Drone? Gearing up for its CES 2011 debut, Sphero is a small, robotic toy ball made … Read More >>

Core-Toons: How to Describe Your Used Furniture on Craigslist

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Winona Ryder Has Never Used the Internet [Technophobes]

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Movie stars: They’re just like us! They don’t use the Internet and have never read a blog. Wait… what? Famous film actress … Read More >>

GOOD Design Daily: Qatar’s World Cup 2022 Stadiums

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The recent announcement of Qatar as the winning bidder for the 2022 World Cup Games has stirred a bit controversy. It’s … Read More >>

Magnetic Fields: Made Visible in Video

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Semiconductor created “Magnetic Movie” to make magnetic fields visible.
Some background:

The secret lives of …