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iMovie requires a front face camera, it won’t work in 3G/S iPhones

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PDANet in Jailbroken iPhone 3.1.2 is faster in Telcel than built in tethering

I just jailbroke my iPhone 3.1.2 and the main reason to do that after months of being using only AppStore apps is for Tethering. In the offices of our current customer we have very limited internet access and I heavily depended on iPhone Tethering until I blindly updated to 3.1.2 and Tethering vanished.
But after installing PDANet I was very impressed not only on how easy was to set it up, using USB and using adhoc WiFi network, but on how fast the connection is. It obviously depends on the location and the strength of the cellular signal but in these days I’ve measured download speeds above 1MBs on the Telcel network, almost twice the speed using the iPhoneOS 3.0.1 builtin tethering.

Genius Mixes in #iPhone 3.1 + iTunes 9 automatically groups songs that go great together

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iPhone Remote App is now an external keyboard and gesture-based control for AppleTV

The most annoying defect of AppleTV is having to use the IR remote to enter text. And for me it’s a frequent task since I use it to search for YouTube videos, movie trailers and songs.

But the new AppleTV OS combined with the updated iPhone/iPod Touch Remote App solves this issue elegantly. Now you can use the Remote App as an external easy to use keyboard and it also allows you to control the AppleTV using gestures, with some swipes it’s now faster than using the standard remote control.

In fact, I misplaced it and I don’t care where it is 😉

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iPhone 3.0 Tethering Test Speed results on Telcel México were: 0.69 Mbps Down and 0.33 Mbps Up

I had configured Leopard to use iPhone 3.0 Tethering but just today I tried it on Windows XP and it was unexpectedly easy.
The only drawback is that it requires iTunes 8.2 and some of our enterprise laptops have software installation restrictions that may make impossible to install it.
But once installed iTunes 8.2, you only need to connect your iPhone, enable Tethering and the new connection is automatically detected and configured on Windows XP.

BeejiveIM (IM client for iPhone 3.0) now supports Push Notifications and â€˜Meta-Contacts’

BeejiveIM is my favorite IM client. It supports MSN and GTalk, the two networks I use and it sends an email when a message is received and the app is not running. This is very convenient, but not always reliable, sometimes the email is received an hour after sent and then it’s useless.

Since the Push Notification was announced some months ago I’ve been waiting for BeejiveIM to include it. Today they’ve released an update and Push notifications works as expected. Messages appear almost instantaneously when the app is not running, it looks like the app were running on background.

Additionally, the app has an improved gray UI, and the contacts witho more than an IM account can be grouped in meta-contacts.

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Evernote for iPhone 3 has now map view, landscape thumbnails and an improved local list of notes.

Evernote is a simple but powerful online Note system. It allows to organize notes in different ‘notebooks’ and assign multiple tags to each note.

The notes are always available online using the web version, and there are local versions for different platforms, including Mac, Windows, iPhoneOS and other mobile phones.

The new version for iPhone has improved the graphic interface, my favorite changes are:
• New map view to list and filter notes with geotags.
• A local list including all the online notes titles.
• A beautiful landscape mode showing notes thumbnails.

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