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Download iOS4 for iPhone 3G using iTunes 9.2

Download redsn0w from the Dev-Team blog.

Use the restore option instead of the upgrade one. The latter causes 3G data issues on some jailbroken iPhones.

Run redsn0w just after the iPhone reboots and while iTunes waits for the sync options. This is the moment that worked the best for me, since waiting for the full sync has hung my iPhone in the apple logo.

Browse for the IPSW file for iOS4. The version released last june 21st is called “iPhone1,2_4.0_8A293_Restore.ipsw” and it’s located in “~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates”.
Enable the multitasking, wallpaper and battery options.

Plug the iPhone, turn it off and follow the onscreen directions.

The iPhone will restart already jailbroken and then you may continue with the sync.
Et voilà.