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Hate PowerPoint? Here Are 5 Web-based Alternatives

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Whether they’re for clients, customers or colleagues, visual presentations are an unavoidable part of doing business. For … Read More >>


We Hold These Tweets To Be Self-Evident [COMIC]

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If Twitter had been invented in 1776 instead of 2006, the American Revolution would have been so much more… what’s … Read More >>

Fighting Tumors With Tumors

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Researchers at Dartmouth have produced a promising new cancer treatment–a personalized vaccine developed from the patient’s … Read More >>

Should Publishers Stick to iPad, Avoid Android Tablets?

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So what will it be, the iPad or an Android tablet? If you’re a consumer, the choice might be tough. But if you’re an app … Read More >>

Just So You Know: Black Friday Is Not the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year

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Today, dear readers, is what’s known as Black Friday: a day to take a break from giving thanks for the harvest, family, … Read More >>