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iPhone: How to restore 3G data after upgrading to iOS4

Sometimes, the process to upgrade iPhone to iOS4 corrupts the configuration for 3G data. You can see a 3G icon on the status bar, but all apps requiring Internet report that there is no connection. This problem don’t affect WiFi connections.

These are the steps I followed to restore the 3G data connection:

1. Download “iPhone Configuration Utility” from Apple site:

2. Run the “iPhone Configuration Utility” and select “Configuration Profiles” from the left sidebar.

3. Click “New” on the toolbar.

4. Fill the “General” section with a name, identifier and description of your choice for the profile.

5. Fill the “Advanced” section with the details of your phone carrier. For Telcel (Mexico) I provided these values:
– APN:
– User: webgprs
– Password: webgprs2002
– Proxy:

6. Connect your iPhone using USB and select it on the left sidebar.

7. Go to the “Configuration Profiles” and click ‘Install’ on your profile.

And done, you must have now 3G data again.

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A Task Management Service — tip via @nttd

A Task Management Service That Maximizes Productivity

Staying productive is hard, what with all the exciting ways to waste time the Internet provides.

Fortunately, there’s Action Method, a service that helps your organize and execute all your projects.

Start by creating a new action—cleaning out your storage room, say—and assigning it to a project, be it work-related or personal.

Action Method allows you to delegate tasks to other people using their email address. You can even send a “nag” to remind someone of a task you assigned to them.

If there’s a work in progress that requires some input, you can begin a discussion thread (this is great for avoiding email inbox overload). You can even upload pictures and documents for quick feedback.

The first 50 new action steps are free. After that, the service costs $12 a month or $99 for a year (there’s also a free iPhone app).

Use it or you may end up being showcased on a future episode of Hoarders.

Visit Action Method:

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3 Tips for Writing Reader-Friendly Memos


In business today, readers are time-pressed, content-driven, and decision-focused. To write effectively, remember that they want simple and direct communications. Here are three tips for giving readers what they want and need:

1. Avoid complex phrasing. Writing elegantly is not important; delivering smart content is. Let the message stand out more than your language.

2. Be concise. Many memo writers get hung up on “flow.” But flowing sentences tend to be long and dense. You don’t need choppy sentences, just hardworking ones that deliver content concisely.

3. Skip the jargon. Jargon can be a useful way to communicate among experts, but you should never use jargon if it’s meaningless, if you don’t understand it, or when your audience isn’t familiar with it.

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Download iOS4 for iPhone 3G using iTunes 9.2

Download redsn0w from the Dev-Team blog.

Use the restore option instead of the upgrade one. The latter causes 3G data issues on some jailbroken iPhones.

Run redsn0w just after the iPhone reboots and while iTunes waits for the sync options. This is the moment that worked the best for me, since waiting for the full sync has hung my iPhone in the apple logo.

Browse for the IPSW file for iOS4. The version released last june 21st is called “iPhone1,2_4.0_8A293_Restore.ipsw” and it’s located in “~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates”.
Enable the multitasking, wallpaper and battery options.

Plug the iPhone, turn it off and follow the onscreen directions.

The iPhone will restart already jailbroken and then you may continue with the sync.
Et voilà.

iMovie requires a front face camera, it won’t work in 3G/S iPhones

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