Professor Arrested for Shutting Student’s Laptop in Class [College]

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Frank Rybicki is an assistant professor in the Mass Media department at Valdosta State University. Last week, he was arrested … Read More >>


Twitter finally gets a legitimate search function, lets you filter tweets using smiley faces

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Like Google’s web search, Twitter started off life doing one single thing and doing it very well. And, just like Google, it’s … Read More >>

HOW TO: Master Smartphone Photography [PICS]

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The Digital Photo and Film Series is supported by Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom®. To connect with the product team, find … Read More >>

This Clock Concept Gives You a Light Push to Get Your Work Done [Concepts]

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Are your Calendar apps, Post-It notes, and calls from your mother still not helping stay on track? Well, this colorful concept … Read More >>

Who Are The People At Obama’s Tech Dinner? [Factoid]

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Here it is again – the photo from President Obama’s dinner with tech titans last night. Featuring a sadly sick and frail Steve … Read More >>

Why Nobody Can Match the iPad’s Price [Apple]

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When Steve Jobs introduced the iPad last January, the biggest surprise wasn’t the actual product. (Many shrugged and called the … Read More >>

10 Fascinating YouTube Facts That May Surprise You

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YouTube is huge. Humongous, even. More video content is uploaded to YouTube in a 60 day period than the three major U.S. … Read More >>